The most transformative chapter of a woman’s life where she is stripped down to the rawest version of herself, only to be built back up into a beautiful, selfless, goddess.

Hi! I’m Jodi


Hi there! I’m Jodi, and I’m so grateful you stopped by! If you’re here, you’re either about to or have already made the transition from ‘solo-chic-styled superwoman’ to ‘messy-bun-puke-stained pyjama-wearing mom machine’ who’s looking for some straight-shooting, real-talk mom advice that isn’t covered in the typical new parenthood literature. We’ve all read ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ but this will be more like a guide for ‘What to Expect in Motherhood.’

WELCOME, and let’s Unmask it!

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Online Workshops

Dates: To Be Announced

I have been working hard behind the scenes to get things moving on the workshop side! In the meantime, please feel free to check out my other online resources under the Motherhood Guides section!

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Motherhood Guides

Edition I: Entering Motherhood

Let’s face it, Motherhood struggles are a real thing and a topic we need to be more open about and accepting of. Creating, growing and keeping a human alive is a lot of work and though most of everyone’s attention is focused on our tiny humans, not nearly enough energy is being redirected towards us as mothers.

Motherhood Guides

Self-Love Guide – Mom-Edition

Have you ever wanted to implement more self-love into your life but had no idea where to start or how to even begin? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by it all? Maybe you even made some attempts a few times, and ended up stopping at some point only to find that you never went back?

Motherhood Guides

Healing In Motherhood Guide

Deciding to heal from something you have gone through can be scary, overwhelming, stressful and confusing. Facing something that has hurt you in some way or another should never be taken lightly and you need to give yourself space, compassion and time.

Motherhood Guides

A Guide to Solo Parenting

Motherhood with a partner is hard, but motherhood as a solo-parent can be an entirely new level of difficulty and may actually take a long time to get adjust to.

Motherhood Guides

Gratitude Guide

How we perceive the world around us can have a huge impact on our day to day lives and GRATITUDE can actually be a perfect practice to help bring a variety of wonderful things our way. What is gratitude? It’s the warm fuzzy appreciative feels you get from all of the good things around you!