About Me


The transition into motherhood can be a challenge, and if you’re anything like me, the anxiety of what to expect when you become a mother for the first time really isn’t covered in any of the conventional literature – and that my friends, is where ‘Unmasking Motherhood’ comes in!

My goal is to help normalize the unseen sides of motherhood. The joys, the triumphs, and mostly the STRUGGLES! Motherhood is something that takes a village, but it also takes knowledge! By sharing in our struggles, it’s my hope that new moms will never have to face hardships alone. Within my services I offer you workshops, guides, support and just good old-fashioned mom-advice.

In my workshops, we’ll talk about all kinds of ‘momming’ topics, that I have stumbled across, heard from fellow mom’s, researched or experienced firsthand, and I have put together a presentation of “things all moms should know prior to bringing a human earth-side” for you. I truly believe that if I had known this information beforehand, my own personal journey into ‘mommyhood’ would have been much more smoother and it has become my goal to help any mom out there who is need of… well, help!


While this website may not tell you everything you need to know, I want it to be a safe space for dialogue, questions, and helpful advice so you can start to prepare or just find an answer to questions like “why can’t I stop crying and why are my boobs crying too?”

Growing a human can be challenging! The uncertainty of what life as a mother will be like can be OVERWHELMING, and let’s face it… SCARY! Being a mother in 2023 and beyond might actually be one of the hardest things you will ever do! This ain’t our 80’s/90’s upbringing anymore!

One thing that really stood out to me when I entered motherhood was the total LACK of mom-care. I found myself asking, “why is it that through each and every one of these major phases in a mother’s life, there is little to no discussions/resources for when it comes to their experience and needs?” Sure, there is an abundance of information out there on how to raise your child (or, in a lot of cases, how NOT to raise your child). Unfortunately, there are not enough resources for a mother’s developmental experience as a whole. When we become moms, we’re thrown into a whole new role, one in which we have no real means of preparing for, not to mention, there is ZERO time to mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically adjust to this new reality. It’s like, “Hey, you just spent 9 months incubating this tiny human and BOOM here, have a human and good luck!”


Our culture perpetuates this myth that we need to be these “Pinterest-perfect” mothers, and when we end up falling short, we tend to feel ashamed and then hide in fear of judgement (which, by the way, is FAKE AF and usually masked with a fancy Instagram filter).

The truth is, the struggle is REAL, we just don’t talk about it enough! I struggled during my pregnancy, labour and delivery, postpartum healing, and I suffered – mostly alone, and it shouldn’t be this way! I got smacked in the face by postpartum depression for the first year of my daughter’s life, and with a hubby who works out of town, I was all of a sudden a ‘married single mom’ grasping at wisps of sleep between microwaved sips of reheated coffee. It’s safe to say, my inauguration to motherhood was far from inviting or smooth.

However, within my chaotic adventure, I realized that ALL mothers (not just me) experienced the same struggles that I did, but hardly anyone seemed to openly talk about them.

So, I decided the best thing to do was flip the script and share the narrative! By turning my own story around and using it to my advantage, I decided to create this space for mothers (soon-to-be, new, and the vets) to help build a village of moms for moms!